Infosistema is delivering a BPO service in the area of Document Digitalization for SMEs that can reduce the costs by 50%.

Taking advantage of Infosistema Proprietary Techonology using Machine Learning and Robotization we are making the next step in Document Digitalization.

Infosistema streamline the entire process of Document OCR, Data Extraction, Categorization and Data Integration into other systems.

The service starts as 75% of the actual TABC (Time Activity Base Cost), allowing immediate 25% savings. That means, on average, that an SME will save on average 5K per each 1M of sales per year.

As companies scale the burden in backoffice operations tend to increase.

SMEs lose competitive advantage because they are not big enough the take advantage of the economies of scale and they don’t have enough capacity to invest in IT.

Key Points:

  • Immediate 20% Saving
    (price base on current cost)
  • Machine Learning Technology
  • Up to 50% Savings
  • Process Documents 4x faster
  • Full Business Process Outsourcing

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