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Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services: Concepts, Technologies, and Tools Part 2

The web services approach is based on a maturing set of standards that are widely accepted and used. This widespread acceptance makes it possible for clients and services to communicate and understand each other across a wide variety of platforms and across language boundaries. This section briefly describes the protocols and technologies that constitute these web services standards, some of which are mainstays of working on the World Wide Web. In addition to these standards, other web services standards are emerging to meet additional requirements — especially in the areas of security and management. This section also covers some of these emerging web services standards.

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AAA Carolinas achieves rapid ROI by leveraging IBM WebSphere to tie together policy admin and document management.

Charlotte, N.C.-based AAA Carolinas has joined the ranks of insurance companies adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA). The company announced in September that it had achieved a return on its investment in SOA in less than two months, based on reduced policy processing time, lowered document handling costs, and a customer acquisition and retention spike of 60 percent.

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SOA Maturity

In this article, we present and explore the fundamentals of applying the factory approach to modern service-oriented software development in an attempt to marry SOA industrialization with service contracts. As service developers and designers, how can we successfully fulfill factory requirements and achieve the essential characteristic of industrialized SOA while remaining compliant with standards on the service contract level?

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SOA Consortium and CIO Magazine Announce Winners of SOA Case Study Competition

This article provides information about a contest regarding case studies of SOA implementation. Awarding various business sectors, Penn National Insurance was the one awarded in the Insurance category.

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Industrial SOA: Preface

SOA and service-orientation have laid the foundation for a variety of emergent service technology innovations, while the original building blocks of SOA and service-orientation continue to evolve by embracing fundamental service technologies, concepts and practices. These new technology innovations do not replace service-orientation; they use it as their basis. Service-orientation continues to evolve towards a factory approach, towards industrializing integrated platforms, such as BI, master data management (MDM), mobile front-ends, BPM, adaptive processes, Big Data and Cloud Computing – all of which add architectural layers upon SOA-based infrastructure. All of these technologies can interface via standardized data and functions, published as service contracts, in order to avoid redundancy – that’s service-orientation.

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The IT Revolution in Irish Insurance

It’s no exaggeration to say that the commercial landscape in Ireland has been revolutionized by IT over the course of the last three decades and the insurance industry has been as much a part of this metamorphosis as any other. My career in the insurance technology world began in 1984, when I joined FBD insurance as a computer applications graduate. At the time, FBD was one of the only insurers in the country that had a software package for Policy Administration, running on a database and mini-computer hardware. We had green screen VDUs and indeed we even had some orange ones as well.

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IBM Showcases SOA on the Mainframe in the Insurance Industry

If your company is in the insurance industry or the financial-services sector, IBM has two new solution showcases that demonstrate how you can improve your bottom line. Imagine having the ability to quote, illustrate, underwrite, deliver a policy package, accept an initial premium, and issue a clean or speed underwritten policy in 30 minutes or less. Imagine being able to more quickly develop and deploy products that meet customer’s individual needs. Imagine improving business performance and driving efficiencies by having core processes that work closer to real-time.

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SOA Blueprint: A toolbox for architects

This article introduces the foundations that need to be established in order to implement functional SOA processes. Rather than presenting specific tools, we will define a broadly applicable SOA blueprint whose individual modules can be topped up with commercial products or increasingly available open source offerings.

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Maximizing SOA Returns with Enterprise Architecture

By combining Services Oriented Architectures with Enterprise Architectures, an organization can achieve increased value and cost savings through the implementation of a shared services infrastructure. Through the process of rationalizing services, duplicate services are identified and consolidated. EA Governance provides the on-going guidance to ensure that future applications will leverage shared services wherever possible. This maximizes the cost saving potential of SOA and leverages Enterprise Architecture’s improved alignment of the business to IT.

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SOA Costs and ROI

Many companies buy an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to service enable legacy systems. An ESB is a big up-front cost and should be justified. First think of an ESB as an enabling infrastructure, not as a project in and of itself. In other words, do not attempt to cost justify a SOA migration. You have to look at individual projects with tangible benefits to cost justify the underlying SOA infrastructure. IT has been calculating the cost and benefits of infrastructure for years, for example, a single project cannot be expected to cover the initial cost of an Oracle database cluster or the enterprise network. 

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